15 of Turkey’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Sea vacation is usually the first place when planning our summer vacation. We are lucky in this sense because we have bays with world famous beaches. Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean, we have listed the most popular and the most beautiful beaches. You can plan your vacation by looking at this list or include these routes in your trip.

1. Beach

Between Kas and Kalkan, behind a bay surrounded by large mountains. The color of the water is full turquoise color, sand beach. The quality of the beach is also improving when it is not so easy to arrive. Many travelers forget to take with you something to eat before going to Kaputaş one of Turkey’s best beach by the author.

2. Beach

You can go by boat from Dalyan to İztuzu. You can reach Istuzu by taking the boats going by the river road covered with reeds. There’s no construction here. The most important guests of this beach, which is 5,400 meters long, are sea turtles, caretta carettas. If you’re Sanli, you can see the caretta walking around the beach. They have beach services like shower, toilet, cabin.

3. (Antalya)

Çıralı is a famous beach right next to Olympos, which is covered with pine forests in Antalya and is famous for its tree houses. If you want to have a holiday in a natural atmosphere, you can stay in Çıralı and the surrounding tree houses and immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Mediterranean during the day. This beach also has a 3 km protection area for caretta carettas.


Another famous beach in Antalya is the Phaselis between Kemer and Tekirova. In this area covered with pine forests, the clarity of the sea is worth seeing. You can also visit the ancient city Phaselis right at the bottom of the sea. It will be very enjoyable to swim among the ruins of the old harbor. You can also do water sports here. Transportation is provided by sea.


Patara is another beach in Antalya where you can enjoy the sea in the ancient city. The beach next to this ancient city in Kalkan is a 12 km long shallow sea. It is also suitable for windsurfing since the wind is never missing. Here the sea turtles lay their eggs in the caretta caretta.

6. Cesme Alacati

Alaçatı Windsurf Paradise is an ideal beach especially for beginners in surfing. On this beach next to Alacati marina, the wind wouldn’t be missing at all but the sea is shallow. It is surrounded by land on three sides, so it is a safe area for athletes. Here you can swim in the daytime and participate in beach parties in the evening. In addition to windsurfing, kite surfing is also available.

7. Çeşme Altinkum

There are many beaches in Çeşme as well as Alaçatı. The sand of Altınkum beach in Çiftlikköy attracts attention with its golden color. Aya Yorgi and Ilica beaches are also popular in Cesme.

8. Hisaronu (Datca)

There are many beautiful bays and beaches on the Marmaris – Datça road, but the most famous one is Hisarönü Bay. Wind is not missing in Hisarönü, which is also frequented by boats. There are fishermen and small hostels around.

9. Bodrum Ortakent Kargı Beach

There are many beautiful bays and beaches on the Marmaris-Datça road, but the most famous one is Hisarönü Bay. Wind is not missing in Hisarönü, which is also frequented by boats. There are fishermen and small hostels around.

There are many large and small beaches in Bodrum. In the bays such as Türbükü, Yalıkavak and Torba. But one of the biggest and most famous is Camel Beach in Ortakent. It is also called Kargı beach, but it is named as Camel beach because of the camel that tourists visit. There is also beach operations and restaurants around the sand beach.

10. Gökova Akbük

Another address in the Mediterranean Sea is Gökova with its clean sea and bay covered with greenery. Akbük is one of the famous beaches here. You can go from Akyaka. The color of the sea is great, the beach is a bit stony, but the stones do not sink to your feet. And of course the clarity of the sea is wonderful.

11. Oludeniz (Butterfly Valley)

Turkey’s promotion to Oludeniz face can say. This is not only the world’s one of the important beaches in Turkey. It has a calm sea without waves like a natural lake. It’s covered with pine trees. Tourist beach businesses available. This place is like a lake but the water can renew itself. In 2006, it was named the best beach in the world. Another beach proposal in Fethiye may be the Butterfly Valley, where there is no construction or even electricity.

12. Garlic Beach( Beach)

Sarimsakli Beach, a famous beach in the North Aegean, is located in Ayvalik. This 7 km long beach has many places to offer beach services. The sea is clear and the sand is shimmering close to white.

13. Beach

It is one of the famous bays of Bozcaada. Located on the other end of the island. The sea is clear and calm. There is no construction here. As you swim, you will see fish coming in your hand. Don’t go without snorkeling. You have to make your own transportation. Another famous beach on the island is Ayazma Beach.

14. Ovabuku (Datca)

Datca Mesudiye village Ovabuku can go through, British The best beaches in Turkey was selected by Gurdian newspaper. The beach in , which is a very quiet bay, is a bit stony. There are hostels in the sheep. The sea is shallow, a good option especially for those who do not know swimming or children. It is a quiet place where you can listen to your head.

15. Cove

Kabak Bay is another address for those who want to have a natural holiday in Fethiye. It is also famous for its plants and butterfly species. It has access by road. There are natural camping facilities inside. There are boutique hotel businesses in Faralya Village.

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