With so many great places explore in , it can occasionally be tricky to fit everything in! If you are traveling on your own around the country, the best way to do it while on a self-drive tour is to add several stops along the way and enjoy some fun adventure activities. Be sure to browse through our selection of meet on location activities around Iceland to help build out your adventure holiday!

A Guide to Driving Around Iceland

A self-drive tour of Iceland is the ideal option for anyone who marches to beat of their own drum and likes to attempt off-the-beaten-track.

Every year, thousands of visitors explore Iceland by car-hire. In doing this, they can take in all of the country’s most famous fascination, such as the Ring Road and the Golden Circle, and enjoy the freedom of stopping whenever and wherever they want.

Driving is one of the best ways to take in Iceland’s gorgeous landscape. Every corner of the country is gifted with nice view and outstanding natural attractions. Between effective  volcanoes, majestic waterfalls and powerful erupting near the edge of Iceland’s motorways, it can be hard to keep your eyes on the road occasionally, so stopping often to take it all in is highly suggested!

Some of the best destinations(target) in Iceland for self-drivers include the iconic South Coast and the incredibly photogenic Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

 These locations are most popular with adventure tourists, as they allow tourists to take in geysers, glacier lagoons, lava fields, well-known mountains and even a seal colony at Ytri-Tunga beach.

However, with so much to see and do, is a self-drive tour the best alternative for you?

Self-Drive Tour or Guided Tour?

A rental car allows you the freedom to journey when and where you like. It’s the optimal selection for people who like to travel at their own leisure, whether that means stopping for a swim in a hot spring, a roadside picture or a tasty Icelandic hotdog.

However, whether you’re driving alone or as part of a group, you can over share the magic of Iceland with other visitors. What is so nice about self-driving tours is that it’s still probable to include lots of surprising outdoor activities and guided tours in your itinerary.

Arctic Adventures gives customers the option of “meeting on location” meaning you can still enjoy a carefree self-drive tour with the option of including a planned action or two. This way, you can get the full guided tour experience, without sacrificing your own freedom.

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