All İnclusive Hotels in Bodrum

1-Club Hotel Flora(Gümbet) Uncle Six Mill Street, , Turkey

2-Parkim Ayaz Otel Ayaz Cad. No: 20 | Quarter Gumbet, Bodrum

3-Magnific Hotel Zengin Huseyin Sokak, No 9, Gumbet

4-Samara Hotel Kaynar Location Bodrum Merkez

Sianji Wellbeing Resort, Turgutreis

5-Bitez Garden Life Hotel & Suites Bergamut Cad. No: 52, Bitez

6-El Vino Hotel & Suites is located in Omurca Mah. Pamili Sok Restaurant Reviews, Bodrum City

7-Bodrum Skylife Hotel Adnan Menderes Cad.Zengin Huseyin Sok.No:26, Gümbet

8- Hotel Elite is located in Merkez Mah. Plaj Cad. No: 71, Yalikavak

9- Shark Club is located in Gara Hasan cad. No: 4, Gumbet

10- Labranda TMT Bodrum Resort is located in Kumbahçe Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 180, Bodrum

Bodrum Location

With its turquoise sea, white houses in greenery and streets smelling of bougainvillea, Bodrum is an indispensable part of the Aegean Sea, formerly Halicarnassus.

With its unique structure, historical smelling streets and a must-see colorful nightlife, Bodrum does not always lose its vitality. Not only in our country, but also from every region of the world, people flock every year in Bodrum has a universal holiday understanding service.

Bodrum, the center of Bitez, Gumbet, Turgutreis, Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Turkbuku with regions such as offers you the opportunity to make your holiday in any season.

Bodrum Travel Forum

Bodrum castle

The castle, built between 1406 and 1523, consists of 5 towers. In each tower, the works of the countries of that period are exhibited. At the top of the French tower is located, Italian, German, English and snake towers are also available. It was used as a prison in the Ottoman period in the 19th century and in the lower part there are many dungeons and torture rooms.

In the Christian period, the peacock symbolized life after death. While walking around the castle, you can come across many animals such as chickens, pigeons and peacocks.

Museum of Underwater Archeology

museum is located in Bodrum castle, Turkey’s underwater archeology is the only museum in the world ‘is among the important archaeological museums.

The museum is located in the 7th century Yassiada Roman East Roman Shipwreck with a length of 20 meters and a carrying capacity of 60 tons. In 1960, 3,533 divers were discovered by scientific excavations.

Bodrum Antique Theater

With a capacity of 13,000 people, the ancient theater leads many concerts and festivals.

Zeki Müren Museum

After the death of our famous vocal artist Zeki Müren, who is from Bodrum, his personal belongings are exhibited in the most beautiful place of Halicarnassus.

Bodrum City Center

Bodrum does not lose its vitality in every season and attracts attention with its marina and bazaar. There are many shops in the Bodrum bazaar where you can shop between the narrow streets, and there are places where you can spend many time from night clubs to restaurants when you go to the marina.


Bitez, famous for its blue flag beaches, has a flat area where you can walk along the coast. The ideal place for a morning walk by the sea. The restaurants and cafes along the beach also add to the beauty of the region. We recommend you not to leave here without eating the famous Bitez ice cream.


Gumbet is very close to the center of Bodrum, 1 km along the beautiful sand beaches. There are also many restaurants and entertainment venues on the beach. Nightlife is mentioned in the first place that comes to mind Gümbet bars until the morning entertainment continues on the street.


You can enjoy the wonderful view around the windmills that will come across many hills of Bodrum.

Bardakci Bay

The bay, which attracts attention with its proximity to Bodrum center, has a clean and clear sea and there are many hotel options for accommodation.


Yalikavak is the place where you can see the windmills and the magnificent landscape that descends from the top of the mountains towards the sea. This peninsula, which used to be a sponge cove, is a region where the most famous spongers grow. In Yalikavak, where there is plenty of wind in spring, surfing comes to the fore and many surf enthusiasts meet here.

Palmarina was opened in 2013 as a result of an investment project undertaken by an Azerbaijani businessman. Palmarina is one of the best marinas in the world and has brought movement to the region. Inside you will even see the Maiden’s Tower of Istanbul. With the participation of many celebrities, summer nights are colorful with a concert almost every week. An evening trip to the marina with nightclubs, restaurants and many shopping venues would be great.

In the center of Yalikavak, you can buy many hand-made souvenirs, you can feel yourself refreshed with the scent of the sea on the beach road that runs straight ahead.


Here are the best fish you can eat while your feet are in the water where you can see the sunset from the most beautiful spot. Gümüşlük is the pearl of Bodrum with its nature and sparkling sea.

To go to Rabbit Island, you can walk along a walkway to reach the island. It was built on the order of Mousolos, king of Halicarnassus during the Hellenic period. King Mousolos and his beloved Artemisya went to Rabbit Island and fed the rabbits that lived there and watched the magnificent sunset.

Night life

Turkey’s nightlife mind first mention of the bride who places the basement, so the middle of the fun! Bars street and pubs street in the center, especially Gümbet bars street is the starting point of the night life here. There is no reason to stop your entertainment that lasts until the morning because the vehicles that provide transportation to every region work until 5 in the morning. Do not go without nightlife in Bodrum where you will find all kinds of entertainment you want.

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