Momo Beach Çeşme

Momo Beach Çeşme, which has been serving in Alaçatı in the last seasons, started to serve as omo Momo Beach Çeşme Çeşme in Çeşme Dalyan in 2018 season: Momo Dalyan Beach

Momo Beach Çeşme in Çeşme Dalyanköy, which opened on 30 June 2018, can relax the day. You can have fun with DJ performances at Momo Beach Çeşme and get rid of the overwhelming heat of the weather with its cold sea and wind blowing.

Çeşme’s The Beach of Momo is located in Dalyanköy. In order to find a place in the small capacity of Momo Beach Çeşme, it is necessary to go early in the morning.


  1. We went to Momo in early August with our crowded group of friends. Needless to say we were quite nervous as everyone else after a very negative comment we read from the internet before. But I can say that this anxiety has disappeared after we left. They took us to the Vodafone Red Lodge because we were crowded. They had cushions and comfortable chairs and we had a very comfortable time in the area which belongs to us all day long. The sea is very nice, the entrance is a bit stony. Service, welcome staff very polite and concerned. The prices are very good compared to the trades on the beach. Entrance is 100tl. Classic Cocktails are between 70-80tl. We didn’t eat, so I can’t comment. But unlike the beach tradesmen open the bottle for the day we opened fruit, snack I can say that the treats are not over. They even brought us to the sea even 🙂 🙂 Tommy also distributed free beach slippers for advertising purposes which we liked 🙂 The Beach of Momo met our expectations and we had a nice day. We thank you.
  1. One of the classic Cesme beaches .. Bohemian air prevails inside. Nowadays, because it is the most popular beach club, even having trouble making reservations in advance. Alcoholic beverages are between 80-100 TL, various cocktails are very tasty and professionally prepared. TL other drinks on average around 50 TL .. Inlets 100 TL .. The bay is very nice water at the average temperature and stones except the first entrance is immaculate .. The biggest feature is happy hour u is very fun and beautiful ..
  1. This is a very referenced beache at the end. instagram phenomenon or being a place where you are seen as a piller .. more Because momo attaches great importance to this.

Prices are exorbitant. The sea sucks. The crew is in place. Service zero. I think the chick at the entrance is of royal family origin. When Momo explodes like the others, I also wonder what the staff will do in those noses. It’s hard for them to get a job with that head. 2 points to the interior. I’m not taking another step. Use your hill, get your beach auspicious.

4- 1) In general we went knowing the comments about the beaches in Alacati. Actually, I thought they were all exaggerated. We chose the Momo beach because it fits our criteria but was totally disappointing. First of all, if you want to be put in the sucker brother I do not give a drink 80-90₺ If you say nothing to say. 1) drinks are only alcohol on the menu.

2)  Overseas stony and undulating sand and not so much money to fill sand would expect special sand.

3) Entrance fee + 2 drinks = 470 ₺ (for 3 people)

4) 1 hamburger 95₺ … lots of it. And you need to find and enter a reference when entering. Although we were sitting in the best place, this attitude towards other customers was very disturbing. I wish it was really quality, not popularity. I will not choose again, but we have seen here. I wanted to show the departures a different perspective.

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