Turkey’s Mugla province Datça

Datca is famous for its calm and natural beauties.

The town of Datça, famous for its calm and natural beauties, is located at the junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea.

What is Datça like?

Datca, the Aegean region is located as a geographical region. It has a mountainous and rugged terrain. The highest points of the Datça Peninsula are Bozdağ (1174), Kalecik Mountain (881), Montenegro (786), Emecik Mountain (704) and Yarık Mountain (615). 66% of the land is forest area, 18% is sparse bushes and rocky, and only 16% is agricultural land. Kızlan Plain, Burgaz Plain, Reşadiye Plain and the coastal plains of Karaköy, Palamutbükü and Mesudiye are the plains of the district.The 235 km coastline of the peninsula, which has a surface area of ​​446 km², is decorated with lace like 52 small and large bays. The land width between the north and south coasts of the Balıklaşan (64 km to Datça), which forms the border between Marmaris and Datça, decreases up to 1 km while the widest part of the peninsula is 17 km.Datca has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. On the peninsula surrounded by sea on three sides, the cool northern winds blowing in the summer destroy the scorching heat. The average humidity of 58% in Datca 300 days of the year is sunny.


The Datca Peninsula is declared as a Special Environmental Protection Area, and its unspoilt nature, 235 kilometers of coastline and 52 coves, rich flora and fauna, and the ancient city of Knidos are candidates for becoming one of the most important tourism centers of the region in the future. Datca has many blue flag beaches. Some of those; Aktur Holiday Site Beach, Aktur Camping Beach, Karaincir Beach, Hospitalalti Beach, Perilikosk Beach, Billurkent Beach.

Yacht tourism and water sports

Eco-tourism is the extensive opportunities available in terms of, between Bodrum and Fethiye are important as a place where the focus of intensified Turkey yacht tourism. On the other hand, for local and foreign tourists who spend their holidays in our region trekking, surfing, sailing, such as nature and water sports can be done in the ideal environment. It is an ideal place for health tourism due to its abundant oxygen thanks to its continuous wind blowing and providing the opportunity of holiday where moisture is not felt.Boats and yachts coming from the Aegean Islands occupy an important place among the boats entering and leaving the port of Datça. Greeks coming from the Greek islands, especially Rhodes and (Symi) Symi Islands, to the district to shop on Saturdays, provide foreign exchange inflow to the district. Construction activities carried out outside the tourism season keep the economic life alive in winter as well as agriculture.

Important historical monuments in Datca

The ruins of a Seljuk mosque and ceramic workshops in Hızırşah neighborhood; The ruins of Mehmet Ali Ağa Mansion, Reşadiye Mosque and Emecik neighborhood in Reşadiye Neighborhood are some of the works that have survived to date.


Knidos was a center of culture and art as well as a very important trade center. Knidos Aphrodite Temple, built by Praxiteles, one of the most famous sculptors of the period, is a very important artwork. In the religious festivals organized with the participation of the Ionian cities, the artists have always placed Aphrodite at the forefront. The famous astronomer, mathematician and philosopher Eudoxus, who discovered that the planets are always orbiting round bodies, the sculptor Praxiteles, Skopas, Bryaxis and the architect of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Knidos They lived in. Some of the important ruins of the ancient city of Knidos are the pedestals of the statue of Aphrodite, the 8000-seat theater, the sundial and the temple of Demeter. Aphrodite statue, which was very famous in ancient times, where people came from far away to see it, has not been found to date.

Datca – Palamutbuku

Palamutbükü Datça is 25 km from the city center, on the Datça Peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the last of the bays known as the Three Beauties (Hayıtbükü, Ovabükü, Palamutbükü), a touristic center where blue and green embrace. If you do not have a car, you can reach Palamutbükü by minibus.It is a natural wonder with its sparkling beaches, bays, olive, almond and pine trees where you will see many shades of green. It was an important settlement of Knidos with its harbor and fertile lands in ancient times. Today, Datca is one of the shining stars in tourism.Ideal for those looking for a quiet, peaceful holiday away from city noise. The proximity to many ancient and natural beauties is another issue.Palamutbükü is one of the biggest bays of Datça, so it has a long coast, sand in some parts and flat pebbles in some parts. Visitors to Palamutbükü can not forget the clean sea.Palamutbükü, restaurants, tea gardens, bars on the coast. You can swim in front of them all. Along the coast, the tables and sunbeds of these enterprises are listed.The people of Palamutbükü are so much loved, the welcoming warm-blooded people, many of the tourist facilities and businesses are family-run.

Datca – Simi Island

Simi (Symi), located at the intersection of Aegean and Mediterranean, is a tiny but charming Greek island. Simi is known as Symi in Turkish. In the 1700s, it was the third richest island of the Dodecanese, and the island’s livelihood was sponge fishing and ship building.

Simi, north of Rhodes, 8 km from Datça.

The island of Simi, with an established population of approximately 2,500, earns its living mainly through tourism, fishing and trade. Compared to other Greek islands in terms of transportation is not a main tourist route is not encountered in a busy crowd. With this feature, the interest in the island, which is not far from its naturalness, is increasing every year.

Simi Island (Symi) How to get to Simi Island?

There are two options to go to Simi Island. Bodrum – Simi Ferries and Datca-Simi Ferries. the most frequent and regular flights from Turkey made the point Datca. The distance between Datça and Simi is 50 minutes by ferry.Transportation from Datca to Bodrum by ferry

Bodrum-Datca ferry service with an average distance of 230 kilometers in 4 hours, 18.5 nautical miles long ferry ride can be completed in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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