Foça in the north of İzmir

Turkey’s Resort Foça

Neither Cesme is overly popular and touristy, nor Alacati is so crowded; Foça is like an autonomous region for Egeli cottages.

For those who want to listen to the head of Foça, sunsets your memories, streets and eyes with your eyes, Instagram’da places with the os live this life ’and make sure to say that the sea really refreshing with the sea in a real sense would be very appropriate. In short, we all know that southern coastal town where white-collar people want to move into retirement; what about his northern version? That’s Foca.


Foca, a district of Izmir, is located in the Aegean Region. Foça, which was founded on a peninsula surrounded by sea on three sides between Çandarlı and İzmir Bay, is already a candidate for being the most peaceful fishing town of İzmir.


In order to drive from Istanbul to Foça, you have to leave the Menemen by passing Bursa Osmangazi Bridge and following the Manisa road. After Menemen, you can reach Foça in 6.5 hours in the direction of the signs again.

In order to drive from Izmir to Foça, you must first come to Karşıyaka and then to Çiğli and then to Menemen. After Menemen, it continues with Foça signs just like Istanbul. It takes about 1 hour by car from Izmir to Foça and 45 minutes from Karşıyaka.

It is also very easy to get to İzmir from Foça by public transportation. Firstly; Go to the nearest İZBAN train stations to Aliağa direction and get off at the ‘Hatundere’ stop. Then go to the bus stop at Hatundere transfer center and wait for bus 744. Line 744 reaches its last stop, Eski Foça, in 50-60 minutes. There are 43 stops in between but you will have the chance to sit down and travel as you will take the first stop. This way you will spend 1.5-2 hours on the road.

If you have plenty of time in Foça famous for its islands, boat tours are an option. You will find these boat tours in abundance while you are wandering in the harbor, and you will find yourself thinking sak should we do it? ’Even when you have no idea. On boat trips, you visit the islands such as Orak Island, Siren Rocks and Inc Island where Mediterranean monk seals live and the bays between this route. The boats depart from the small sea port between 10-11 in the morning and have a fee of 50-60 TL per person.Apart from daily boat tours, sunset tours are also available. If I remember correctly he had a fee of 20 TL per person.We didn’t have time to do this tour but if you don’t like to see every place like the touristic, you will have time to do a boat tour.By the way; You can also add the Devil’s Bath and Foça Mills to this list of places to visit in Foça, we didn’t see Değirmenler on the road and didn’t go near it. We could not include the Devil’s Bath in the plan because we have two days here.


Foça was another place where we stayed; We can not see the days of sightseeing because we can not see the fair and clean sales according to the principles of Slow Food Earth Market. This market is in fact part of the Slow Food movement that started in Italy to develop a stance against the rapid pace of life and to preserve the local eating and drinking habits that have gone into extinction. The Earth Market in Foça is the first representative of this ring in our country.

Every Sunday, between 08.30-18.00 Foça Pazaryeri’nde Yeryüzü Bazaar feature; as in the quiet city of Sığacık, it is actually a producer market. In the market you can find many products, from organic fruits and vegetables, to bread, cheese, jam and olive oil.


You will probably get the same answer from Izmir who you ask about swimming in Foça; Heraldic Beach. Especially if you are not going to be here for a long time and you have a single shot gunpowder, we recommend you to go to Hanedan Beach to avoid risk like us. You can see the other beaches below, all on the road from Old Foça to New Foça. If you do not have a vehicle in front of the minibus passes.

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