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There are very much group tour options to select from in Iceland, so we’ve decided to split these up based on time. These range from 2 days to 12 days.

The wide majority of escorted tours in Iceland beginning in Reykjavik (Iceland’s capital)  although a few start in Akureyri (the main city in the north). Almost all international flights come into Keflavik International Airport near Reykjavik, which is the main airport in Iceland. From here you can either take a tour that starts in Reykjavik, or take a connecting flight to Akureyri in the north as a start point.

For each guided tour, we’ve specified the months that the tour runs in, as the majority of these group tours do not operate year round. This is because there are different attractions obtainable at different times of year, and accessibility to the different pats of Iceland varies hugely depending on the time of year. For instance, many attractions are closed or not accessible in the winter months.

Please don’t forget, if you are in Iceland for a longer period, you can also combine tours, or do part of your journey on a guided tour, and then plan your own itinerary for the relaxion of your time in Iceland.

Tours of Iceland for 3 Days or Less

You can choose it. These Iceland tour packages are all for 3 full days or less. If you one have one day in Iceland, maybe on a short stop-of , we’d suggest taking a look at our guide to day tours from Reykjavik for ideas of what is possible.



1. Ice Caving and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon (Just 2 days)

This two day tour covers many of the highlights of southern Iceland, starting with the spectacular waterfalls along the south coast, continuing to the well known black sand beach Reynisfjara and finishing at the unbelievable Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. Here, you can watch icebergs floating around the lagoon before heading out to sea.

It also covers some of the most popular winter activities in Iceland, namely, visiting an ice cave, and watching the northern lights. We think that for a short stop over, this is an excellent option for seeing a lot with minimal effort. Click here for more information.

When: November – March

Duration: 2 days/1 night

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