Hotel Accommodation with Pets ( Dog Friendly Hotels )

Hotel Accommodation with Pets

Of course, hotels are more costly and difficult to accept. Staying in hotels requires a pre-occupied space in pet-friendly hotels, thus eliminating the chance to act spontaneously as in camps.  

However, the hotel also has the following advantages: You want to go out at night and do not want to expose your dog to high decibels. As we said, if you are in a tent, it is not a safe option to leave your dog in a tent or tie it out. But you can leave your dog in the room with peace of mind. This gives you more freedom.

In addition, the operators of hotels that accept dogs in general (especially small hotels) are also dog lovers. There is no such service, but you may have a chance to ask them to take care of your dog once you are away.

Choose a room according to your dog’s water. For example, Google, Dog Friendly Hotels, although the view of the coast, balcony, but instead of railing, we preferred hotels with cast concrete. The balcony is good for well behaved dogs, but it is not preferable for barkers. Also, the entrance floors may not be suitable for dogs barking as they hear every person coming and going…

Now let’s kill the valiant: Google is free, naughty, as well as connected or in the hotel room is a good animal. It does not make anyone feel at the hotel, nor does it pollute or damage a place. If we do not trust our dog in these respects, we do not risk embarrassing the hotel owners.

Pets allowed, “Dog-Friendly” (Dog  friendly) ways to find hotels

We went door to door and asked if they would take our dog. We’ve always knocked on the door of small businesses that we think are more fortunate. Apart hotels and hostels were greeted better because you usually talk with the owner in such cases. Businesses on the Aegean coast are more animal lovers from other places. You can try door to door, but it can be tiring. It makes more sense to tie the donkey to a firm stake.

These are our hotel finding recommendations:

From you can search for hotels that accept dogs at your destination. After entering the date and place information, press SEARCH.

On the left side there is a column called orum I am looking for this ”. Enter “Properties Orada there. If you choose “Pets Allowed Buradan here, you can find hotels with free rooms that will accept your dog and you at any time and place.

Those who want to stay in more boutique and generally owned businesses with their dog can choose kabul accept pets buradan from here. In our opinion, it is more advantageous to stay with your dog in such a place because small businesses are usually managed by their owners, so you are faced with the decision-making person. That is, when you have extra requests such as keeping an eye on the little one while you are away, or using your kitchen to prepare food for you, business owners will make more effort than any employee to avoid breaking you.

Staying with dogs at camp sites

There’s a lot of people in the campsite with a dog, and there’s a few of us that are short-term, but generally, they’re people who have been camping for a week. They fixed their caravan there, made a garden, even a concrete kitchenette with a dish antenna.

Because these people are regulars of the camp, the operators have more presidential in their eyes. If you don’t get along with your dogs, you may be the one who has to take it from the bottom. (We have not experienced such a thing but have seen the potential of being 😀)

The best part of staying at the camp is to be accepted everywhere. At least we haven’t been rejected from a camp like every other. On the other hand, the state-run camp areas (we only experienced this in the forest camps) can be a problem: we encountered the herd of dogs that lived around here.  These stray animals are able to keep up with the guest dogs because they claim their territory. He can always make you feel on the thorn. It is very inconceited to bind the dog out in such cases, because it is much harder for a connected dog to protect itself in an attack.

Another annoyance is that there are many dog-loving customers. ☹ If you’re reading this, you are probably a dog owner and you’ve met people who say, “Oh, don’t let me down!” When you walk off the sidewalk. It was a problem we encountered more often in government businesses. If you want to stay at camp with your dog, we recommend Kaş Camping. Both the facility is super and the general customer profile is pet-loving. There were a lot of people wandering with their dog like us. You’ll be comfortable here.

We were lucky, because Google is not a tantanist dog. Our dog is not likely to blow up other guests ‘ heads. But a dog that sees two of each other but can’t compromise can be a very “conversable”. 😀 we didn’t live because Google was silent, but your dog is so likely to come out of the neighbors who are uncomfortable with the carrots.

In a nutshell, it comes to this: if you have a quiet dog that listens, you can relax in the campsite. However, for reasons not caused by your dog (like street animals) you may be disturbed. It may be a more accurate choice, since you are less likely to live in private camping areas. The best thing is to call the camp before you go and ask if there are any other dogs around. Sometimes the camp owners can have a pet cat. It’s good to find out.


: Those who think about making camp camp with a tent!

I don’t know if you’re taking your dog to your tent, but leaving it out in the jungle camps is not a good idea, because we’ve seen hordes of crowds at night. The worst was the Akyaka Forest camp. We couldn’t take Google with us because two adults barely fit in our trailer. Instead, we were going to find a shadow place where we could put the car and the trailer side-by-sides, set the car and trailer window to kiss each other, leave the windows open, see each other. So both Google was safe, and when the dog barked at the car, it didn’t sound to the campers. At the latest in the morning we get up at 9, and we always get Google out of the car because the tolerance of dogs to heat is much lower than us.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to the camp, your dog’S external parasitic drops are made and the vaccines are full!

It is not only in settlements such as Kaş Camping, but in the forest camps and in the camps of nature, people who will stay carefully read: In the forested place there are more external parasites such as ticks, lice. External interference, which must be applied once a month The drop is as follows: it cannot prevent the tick from coming, but it ensures that the clam is not shelling. Once the tick sticks, if it’s Lyme disease, it gives it to your dog. Lyme is a disease that can infect people and is difficult to treat. So make sure the Lyme vaccine is up to date.

The other vaccas have to be complete.

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