Iceland Ring Road Bike Tour

is such a charming country with a unique landscape totally unlike from any other in northern Europe. Due to its position straddling the mid Atlantic ridge and its proximity to the Arctic Circle Iceland is a landscape of contrasts.  From the large glaciers and snow capped mountains amidst cold deserts to the geothermal areas of hot boiling mud pools and Geysers.  Add in some lava fields, black sand beaches and more thunderous waterfalls than you can shake a stick at and you will have had an experience that you will never forget.


Iceland has some perfect and challenging cycling touring opportunities. The scenery is stunningly varied with many marked contrasts. From quiet rolling pastures, coastal plains of black sands, dramatic waterfalls, to the tougher desert and mountainous areas of the interior with enormous glaciers that cut right down to the sea. The interior with its wild beauty and remote wide vistas, big skies, amazing colours and with the complexity of Iceland’s gorgeous  northern light. Iceland has it all.

The population is relatively small and although the Icelandic people are usualy reticent, we found them very friendly and welcoming. The climate is generally much cooler than that of mainland Europe due in part to it’s latitude and being surrounded by the cold Atlantic. Weather can be varied as it can pick up the fall force of the incoming fronts rolling in from the Atlantic and cold northerly winds coming down from the Arctic, so therefore be prepared for a mix of weather from sunny but cool weather to cold, strong winds and rain.

Cycle Paths

You may find a few cycle path in Reykjavik and some of the larger towns in Iceland but they are few and far between. In some area  you are more likely to see a horse way running alongside the roads rather than a cycle path!

Cycle Routes

As far as I’m aware there are no official marked long distance cycle routes in Iceland at the moment although there are plans for Iceland to become part of the EuroVelo network of designated cycling routes. There are a lot of cyclists who seem to cycle around the ring road route 1, although by doing this you will see a lot of Iceland but you will miss out the interior and the off the beaten track parts of Iceland therefore missing out a lot of what Iceland is all about. I know Iceland is expensive to get to and can be expensive while you are there, but if you are going to do it fairness you have to give yourself plenty of time and be prepared to go back!

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