Terms of visas for citizens of Turkey INDIA

Public-Private, Private, Service Passport holders INDIA citizens are subject to a visa. Diplomatic passport holders of INDIA citizens are exempt from visa for 90 days.

Wishing to travel to Turkey and plan to stay for more than three months in Turkey with the passport of Turkey in India INDIA representative of the citizens are required to apply in person. Due to delays in visa procedures, it is useful to make visa applications at least one month before the planned date of travel.

However, it should be known that visas are given to foreign citizens, including citizens INDIA does not provide absolute right to enter Turkey. The final decision and has the authority to allow the authorities to enter Turkey, are the limits of authority.

The Visa Fee charged for visa applications is not refundable if the visa application is negative.

All visa applicants wishing to visit Turkey from the owners, make a valid health insurance covering the period will remain in Turkey are sought requirement.

The length of stay allowed by the visa or visa exemption may not exceed 90 days per day in every 6 months. the total does not exceed 90 days of stay base in Turkey will travel to Turkey in the last 180 days are valid for all foreign nationals. This also applies to INDIA citizens. Essentially, in all kinds of visa applications, Turkish foreign representative offices are granted a visa for a maximum of 90 days of residence.

It is not possible for foreigners with double passports to stay 90 days each with separate passports in the last 180 days.

Any purpose both in Turkey INDIA citizen children under the age of 18, the future parents must be taken during the visa application for the approval. If the parents separate or one who declared that those who survived, the child / children with the condition of presentation of the document proving that it has the custody of their goals coming to Turkey given the appropriate visa.

Turkey E-Visas What does it mean?

E-visa has been replaced with the tax stamp or seal of the visa before crossing the border in Turkey. Applicants can make their visas electronically by entering the necessary information from the E-Visa internet address and paying by credit card. It is essential that the application be carried out smoothly. Upon successful completion of the e-visa application, e-visas are sent to the person’s e-mail address. Applicants are required to print out their e-visas and show them to airlines and customs authorities and keep them until the end of their journey.

Public-Private, Private, Service Passport holders INDIA citizens are subject to a visa. Diplomatic passport holders of INDIA citizens are exempt from visa for 90 days. In contrast, any kind of work and study visas for the applicants refer to the Turkey representative office in India can be carried out together in the electronic environment is not necessarily required to apply in person.

How long should the passport be?

INDIA entry visas from citizens coming to Turkey to conduct, since the expiry of a residence permit or visa exemption period of 60 days rather than the less valid passport or other document is required. Passports must be no more than 10 years old. Passport leaves are torn, rotten, photographed, passports are unreadable and cannot be read.

Turkey How to Get a Tourist Visa?

Public-Private, Private, Service Passport holders INDIA citizens are subject to a visa. Diplomatic passport holders of INDIA citizens are exempt from visa for 90 days. For more than 90 days of tourist visits, a residence permit is required. Essentially, the duration of visas issued by foreign representative where Turkey can not exceed 90 days.

In the case of an invitation letter for the tourist visa applications, the letter of the inviting person must include the T.C ID number, ID, the name of the guest, the address of residence, the contact number, the duration and purpose of the stay, the relationship of the applicant with the applicant. If the inviting party is an institution, tax information is requested. In addition, the invitee is required to declare in the invitation letter that he / she will pay the expenses of the guest at his / her own responsibility for providing food and accommodation. The applicant must have sufficient or regular means.

Turkey How to Get a Work Visa?

INDIA citizens, Work Permits required for the application to work in Turkey, the Turkish representative in India are required to do. INDIA said the citizen in parallel with the application of Turkish firms will work on-site officials should not also apply to Turkey simultaneously with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Applications for Work Permit are finalized positively or negatively by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Work Permits are also a residence permit. For this reason, an entry visa fee, a work permit certificate fee and a residence fee will be collected from the INDIA citizens whose work permit is approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Work Permit Card issued by the Turkish foreign missions as a substitute for a residence permit in Turkey, “Work Visa” shall our country is aimed at entry is given for a maximum period of 90 days.

Turkey Internship visa / work permit exemptions

In principle, any kind of special training required to take place in Turkey, the applicant must obtain a work permit in Turkey while before the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

However, applicants with the following conditions do not need a work permit.

a) Turkey is a party to bilateral or multilateral agreements exempted from the work permit,

b) have permanent residence is abroad, scientific, cultural and artistic activities for less than 30 days, sporting activities, with less than 120 days in order to temporarily foreigners coming to Turkey,

c) the imported machinery and equipment for the assembly to Turkey, maintenance and repair, granting or take delivery of training equipment relating to the use or purpose of the repair of defective vehicles in Turkey; from the date of entry into Turkey to exceed a total of three months within a year from the condition and will submit documents to prove with this situation,

d) in or exported from Turkey in order to study on the use of imported goods and services to Turkey, from the date of entry into Turkey to exceed a total of 3 months within 1 year and in Turkey provided to prove with documents to be submitted in this case,

d) Certified tourism businesses that operate outside the limits of the fairs and shows in circuses and similar officials not to exceed 6 months from the date of entry into Turkey and present condition will submit documents to prove with this situation,

e) Foreigners who come to universities and public institutions and organizations to increase their knowledge and experience by proving their status with the documents to be submitted, not to exceed 2 years and limited to the duration of their education,

f) The socio-cultural and technical fields and training issues a time not exceeding 6 months in Turkey to provide services and can contribute to those reported by the relevant authorities,

g) Foreigners arriving under the programs carried out by the National Agency,

ğ) Foreigners who will undertake internship within the scope of international internship student programs,

h) Operating time visiting Turkey but not more than 8 months tour operator representatives foreigners,

ı) Foreign football players and other athletes and coaches whose requests are approved by the Football Federation or the General Directorate of Youth and Sports,

i) Foreign seafarers who are registered to the Turkish International Ship Registry and have been working on ships outside the cabotage line who have obtained “Certificate of Conformity Approval dan from the relevant authority,

j) Turkey foreign experts who work in projects carried out under the EU Financial Cooperation Program.

The residence permits of these foreigners who come to our country within the scope of Article 55 are given by the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management under the name of “Short Term Residence Permit”.

Exemption periods are not extended. Within this framework, foreigners can benefit from the exemption provisions only once in a calendar year. However, in order to benefit from this right, the residence permit which the foreigner has previously taken for the same purpose has to be 3 months after the expiry date. In case of a longer period than the exemption period, the foreigner must obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

What are press legitimate visas?

The members of INDIA who are temporarily coming to our country without being assigned to a permanent duty are not required to obtain a M Press Merit Visa ”. It is sufficient for the press members of the countries subject to visa to obtain a tourist visa. No work permit is required from media members who have received a short-term residence permit. Turkey assigned to members of the media to “Press Visa” shall be subject to the permission they can get.

Who is given a tour operator visa?

Citizens of INDIA who are tour operator representatives are exempted from obtaining a work permit for their duties up to 8 months. As a tour operator representative, the applications of INDIA citizens requesting residence permit from the Provincial Migration Directorates are evaluated within the framework of “tourism visa”.

Who is given a transportation visa?

In case of submission of the necessary documents, the citizens of INDIA who apply for a transportation visa can be granted a multi-entry visa valid for 1 year.

The staff appointed as an official religion in foreign organizations in Turkey

INDIA work permits for citizens of designated religious institutions is exceptional in scope, permit applications made by Turkish Foreign Ministry channels and the residence permit to work in Turkey are Turkish Interior Ministry.

Excavation, Research, Documentary, Filming Visa Who is given?

– Survey and Excavation for taking visa for the purpose through the Turkish representatives in India is required to enter Turkey.

– Turkey and documentary film shot in INDIA for citizens who want to come, Culture and Tourism Ministry, the General Directorate of Cinema and must obtain permission from the relevant Governor.

– In Turkey; Archaeological, historical, geological, sociological and scientific research on the subjects of nature, audio tape, video recording, documentary film and photo shoots are applied directly to the relevant institutions. These outside the archaeological excavations and consult on the research done in underwater archeology research with survey and land registry records, in Turkey, India, through diplomatic representation in Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and abroad, through the Turkish representatives in INDIA.

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