Tours to Eastern Canada

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The second-largest country on the planet but ranking a mere 37th in population, is a nation defined by its geography. Canada is all you imagine, and much you never expect. Here stretch old-growth forests studded with pristine lakes, endless prairies, and the rugged Arctic where animals outnumber humans; here one can hike or ski into glacial mountains that stretch to infinity and never meet a living soul. But behind the oh-so-natural stereotype, Canada is young, modern, and sophisticated, with cities that have absorbed the best of the world’s cultures and combined them into one of the most vibrant multicultural societies on Earth.

The Great White North offers travelers a variety of cultures, landscapes, and wonders to discover, from the roaring power of Niagara Falls to the enchanting beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Begin your journey on either coast, starting in trendy Vancouver or cosmopolitan Toronto, from which you can uncover Canada’s vast secrets.

The four seasons dominate Canada, letting you experience the maritime beauty of Nova Scotia in Spring, sunny Summer hikes from Banff, stunning Fall foliage tours to Agawa Canyon, and the captivating Northern Lights come Winter.

Discover a blend of cultures wherever you choose to begin, from the ancient history of the First Nation tribes to the proud French-Canadian to the lively and thriving Chinatowns in Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver.

Canada tours and day trips are plentiful in each city and province, from scenic rail package to a variety of coach routes, locally guided strolls through the city and breathtaking hikes to hidden lakes. Let our expert guide and travel agents whisk you away on a journey like no other.

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