The country’s visa regime applied by Turkey prior trips to be made by foreign nationals examinations are important for different purposes.

There are differences between visas for tourism and job interviews and visas for study and training. In addition, the visa regime imposed on the citizens of other countries, Turkey also varies from country to country based on the principle of reciprocity.

Some nationals are exempt from visa for tourist trips; some of the citizens of the country are given electronic visas for tourist purposes. On the other hand, for all kinds of work and education visas, the application can be made in electronic environment, but the applicants must apply to our relevant foreign representatives personally.

The inquiry page regarding the visa regime by country and type can be accessed at

The types of visas for travel purposes are as follows:


a) Touristic visit

b) Single Transit

c) Double Transit

d) Job interview / Trade

e) Conference / Seminar / Meeting

f) Festival / Fair / Exhibition

g) Sports Activity

h) Cultural Artistic Activity

i) Official Visit

j) Introduction to TRNC


a) Assigned to the Office

b) Courier


a) Internship Visa

b) Internship ERASMUS

c) Internship AIESEC

d) Turkish Language Course

e) Course Purposes

f) Learning

g) TRNC for Education


a) Working / Private Working

b) Appointed Teachers / Instructors

c) Appointed Athletes

d) Assigned Artists

e) Appointed Free Zone Employees

f) Appointed Press Members

g) Assembly and Repair


a) Archaeological Excavation, Research

b) Film / Documentary Shooting

c) Tour Operator Representative

d) Therapeutic Purposes

e) Accompanying Purpose

f) Family Reunification

g) Transportation Visa


A visa, visa exemption or a passport or a document replacing the passport is required for at least 60 days from the end of the residence permit period.

Example: 90-term resident at the entrance to a foreign visitor’s visa Turkey with 150 days (90 + 60 days / 5 months) with a valid passport / travel document must be.

Example B: 30 days term resident at the entrance to a foreign visitor’s visa with Turkey 90 days (30+ 60 days / 3 months) with a valid passport / travel document must be.

The provisions of the international agreement to which we are a party and the provisions of the special laws are reserved and the following items are excluded from the scope of application:

a) countries traveling by identity cards in accordance with the European Agreement on the Travel of Persons Among the Members of the Council of Europe;

1- Germany,

2- Belgium,

3- France,

4- Georgia,

5- Netherlands,

6- Spain,

7- Switzerland,

8- Italy,

9- TRNC,

10- Liechtenstein,

11- Luxembourg,

12- Malta,

13- Portugal,

14- Greece

b) Pursuant to the Agreement; those who hold country passports which are deemed to be valid for a certain period of time, even if their expiry date has expired;

1- Germany (Passport and identity card which have lost their validity in the last 1 (one) year)

2- Belgium (Passport that has lost its validity in the last 5 (five) years)

3- France (Passport that has lost its validity in the last 5 (five) years)

4- Spain (Passport that has lost its validity in the last 5 (five) years)

5- Switzerland (Passport that has lost its validity in the last 5 (five) years)

6- Luxembourg (Passport that has lost its validity in the last 5 (five) years)

7- Portugal (Passport that has lost its validity in the last 5 (five) years)

8- Bulgaria (valid public passport)

can travel to our country.

c) The holder of Diplomatic, Private and Service passports which are in the official passports class in the Visa Regime Table.


– All foreigners who will travel to our country, except those who can benefit from visa exemption, are required to obtain an e-Visa from ​​internet site or apply to our foreign representative offices in their country or country of residence using the online visa application channel. Foreigners coming from countries where we do not have foreign representative offices can apply for a visa by using our online visa application channel to our foreign representative office which is accredited to their country of residence. You can reach our missions accredited to countries where our Foreign Representations do not exist.

– Due to delays in visa procedures, it is useful to make visa applications at least one month before the scheduled travel date.

– Visas given to foreigners does not provide absolute right to enter Turkey.

– Visa Fee collected in visa applications is not refundable in case of negative results of the application.

– All visa applicants are required to have valid health insurance covering the period of stay in our country.

– The duration of the visa or visa exemption provided in Turkey, can not exceed 180 days every 90 days. the total does not exceed 90 days of stay base in Turkey will travel to Turkey in the last 180 days are valid for all foreign nationals.

– It is not possible for foreigners with double passports to stay 90 days each with separate passports in the last 180 days.

– In all kinds of visa applications, our foreign representative offices are granted a residence visa for a maximum of 90 days.

– If the foreigners who have a residence permit in our country stay abroad for more than 120 days in the last year, their residence permits are canceled.

– For the holders of the United Nations (UN) Travel Document (Laissez Passer), if the holders of the blue UN travel document certify their official duty in their travels to Turkey for the purpose of official duty, the total duration of their stay for all holders of red UN travel document will be visa exemption is provided within 90 days in the last 180 days. For private travels of blue colored UN travel document holders, the passports of the countries of nationality are processed according to the general provisions of the visa.

– Turkey on a tourist or non-commercial purposes (work, student etc.), The trip will be held in the visa application must be made through our foreign missions.

– Consent of both of the parents is required during the visa application of the children under the age of 18 who will come to our country for any purpose. For those who are separated from their parents or declare that someone is not alive, a visa is issued to our country for the purposes of their arrival, provided that a document indicating that they have custody of the child is submitted.

– came by to take advantage of the visa to our country or visa exemption, associate degree in a higher education institution in Turkey, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, graduate medical education (TUS), Dentistry Specialist Training (DUS) level will be educated foreign students and international exchange students and culture programs, EU Education and Youth programs under the residency applications of foreign students invited by the universities depends on Higher Education in Turkey “student Visa” shall accepted by without seeking provincial Migration Administration offices. Referring to future students from countries subject to visa entry to Turkey subsequently found that the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration in the province are required to obtain a residence permit.

– Foreigners who will enter our country for touristic purposes from sea ports; Governors are granted visa-free entry for not more than seventy-two hours for foreigners arriving by sea vehicles to tour the port city or the surrounding cities for tourism purposes, valid only at sea ports. The application is for Turkey to entry for citizens of the countries subject to visa, these people will not heed either a visa upon arrival, as a rule, passports of those people are not taken to enter the country, but taking passports to be given in output by officials responsible for the entry and exit control in the harbor them “Port City Permit” it is organized.

– The information given in the visa application form can be stored in the databases of the relevant institutions.

Tourist visa:

– In case of an invitation letter for tourist visa applications, the letter of the inviting person must include the T.C ID number, clear identity, list of guests, residence address, contact number, duration and purpose of stay, whether there is a kinship relationship with the applicant. If the inviting party is an institution, a tax plate is required. In addition, the invitee is required to declare in the letter of invitation that the guest will meet the board and the board with the board and board responsibility. The applicant must have sufficient or regular means.

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