Have you ever had a chance to take a vacation in a tree house? Have you ever had a luxury stay in a bungalow? Or let’s ask, have you ever had a bungalow experience? If not, this post is for you!If you have no answer to all these questions, as well as the classic holiday offerings of the big holiday hotels and if you are looking for an alternative holiday tree house and bungalow houses with different accommodation facilities is now the time to choose. Modern holidaymakers both in the world and in our country are bored of classical understanding. We are all in search of concept holidays.Tree houses and bungalows that fill our eyes with architecture offer us holiday alternatives that are quite out of the classic. When it comes to environmental and trend holidays in the world, tree houses come to the forefront. These hotels have been frequently preferred in our country in recent years. The first place that comes to mind when we say tree house is Olympos, yes, but outside the region, the concept of tree houses and bungalows is spreading. Moreover, tree houses and bungalows offer comfort and luxury, which is far beyond your expectations! Here are our tree house concept hotels that host both luxury and comfort for you:


Located on the seafront of Çıralı Village, Baraka House offers air-conditioned bungalows set in beautiful gardens adorned with fruit trees. The resort offers beach service to its guests with its umbrellas and umbrellas for you to use in a private area on Çıralı Beach, just 50 meters away.The wooden bungalows have a bedroom and separate living room, and all bungalows have a private bathroom and a very spacious veranda for your convenience.You can start the day with a Turkish breakfast of traditional and locally grown organic products. You can enjoy your breakfast in the garden under the shade of the fruit trees. There is also a restaurant where you can taste Turkish food.Çıralı’s shops and restaurants are within walking distance. The hotel is 3 km from Chimera (Khimaira). Olympos is a half-hour walk away and Antalya Airport is 95 km away.Here you are where the eternity of the sky meets the generosity of the seas. The sun rising from the place where the two blues could not tell the words, the 3.5 km. long beach.In order to immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Mediterranean, blue and green are waiting for you in a few steps to the most beautiful resort.Due to its natural and archaeological beauties, Çıralı is one of the most popular and beautiful holiday resorts of the world and Antalya. It consists of bungalows. The rooms are designed to make your home comfortable.Bungalows located in a spacious and spacious garden, both couples and families to appeal to a subtle and simple design.


Lycia Ulupınar Hotel is located in the town of Kemer in the Kemer district of Antalya, 70 km from Antalya city center and 83 km from the airport. Opened in 2014, the hotel welcomes guests with the same friendliness and warmth as a family-run hotel. It is located on the southern slope of the Tahtali Mountain (2356 m.), The most spectacular summit of the Beydaglari range of the western Taurus Mountains, on the northern slopes of Olympos, Cirali coast and ruins. It is an ideal location especially for guests who enjoy extreme sports such as trekking. Since the ancient times, the “Lycian Way kullanıl, which we call, the Lycian Way, antik connects the ancient cities of different lengths and panoramas in order to walk the paths of domestic and foreign guests by staying in the hotel, the hotel’s calm, quiet environment and leave good memories. Unlike other large holiday hotels, if you want to experience a different holiday in an unusual alternative environment, Lycia Ulupınar Hotel is the place you are looking for.


A patio, a lot of bungalows in the house, a swarm of crickets, a wonderful ambiance that is not lacking in the hood, what more do you get. This is a mini oasis created by dear Bülent Bey! We have also been in our Small Hotels Site and book since 2007.The bungalows of Kibala Hotel consist of specially decorated houses, the smallest of which is 30 m2 away from each other.Breakfast with more than 10 jams made from fruit grown in the garden is a complete feast. Kibala has a wide and distinguished wine cellar; Turkish folk, ethnic, classical, jazz and blues music accompany the aged wines. In addition to cinema screenings from time to time, it is possible to do boat tours, walks on the Lycian roads and sightseeing with the offered bicycles.Suitable for children, Pet friendly. There is also a disabled house.


In the Western Mediterranean, at the foot of Beydağlar, between Olympos and Chimera, the world’s paradise, Çıralı, 200 meters from the sea, 200 meters from the sea, each of which consists of 8 independent wooden villas, each of the villas of Rüya Villen Park carries the names of the unique beauties of the Mediterranean and offers you the comfort and comfort of your home. It offers. The villas are 73 m2 and consist of living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and terrace.

5- Villa Lukka

They have placed 13 bungalows on the slopes of Mount Olympos, amongst the green trees, among the portal trees and the colorful flowers that smell beautiful. We are very impressed when you visit here. When we look at the photos before we go, “I wonder if this is the truth, does it match the photos?” and then we said yes, that’s the truth. Simply and in summary without exaggeration; luxury is here, elegance is here, comfort is here, pleasure, naturalness, freshness, flavor are all here. – no ads on these lines, exact information: – It is not possible for the guests of Small Hotels to dislike the hotel, which gives the right to this ecological category.Let’s just start sorting the details right away, as you no longer have enough input in it.The decoration of the bungalows is very ambitious, all the details have come from the skillful hands of a good interior designer and Ayfer-Zeynep Karakuş brothers. No choice is ordinary, they are all carefully thought out combined with each other. Since the villas have high ceilings (we asked for the height of some of them by the way 6 meters:)) Even when your air conditioner is closed, there is not much of an overwhelming atmosphere. They also care about cleaning, rooms are cleaned regularly, everywhere is like a flower. The beds were very comfortable. Parking beds are also available for families with children. Each villa has its own veranda. Here you can enjoy the hammock accompanied by the sounds of birds, you can read your book. There are also special suites for honeymooners.They serve in bed and breakfast concept. The breakfasts are spreading, the varieties are plentiful and the products that come are fresh. You can also eat every meal at Karakuş Restaurant which is located on the seafront. They produce pita bread and bread themselves in stone ovens, hot, fresh, pufidik pufidik. Of course they can also make pita and lahmacun here.… In addition, always fresh fish, plenty of appetizers are available. The menu is rich with a variety of grilled meats and kebabs, international cuisine and different salads made with very fresh greens. There is also a bar with different quality wine and various drinks. They also recommend the tahini ice-cream dessert, fresh from the oven.The hotel is 200 m from the beach. so we can say 5 min. The road to the beach passes through a small pathway surrounded by lemon and orange trees. They have their own beach, sun loungers and straw umbrellas are all available. (By the way, the rooms also have towels for you to use on the beach, aren’t they too thin?:)) Staff friendly, courteous and warm. If you are coming by plane, they can direct you to the transfer. Distance to Antalya Airport 90 km. Parking spaces are also available if you wish to come with your vehicle.

6- Turkuaz Köy

Finike’s agriculture, history and nature is in TurkuazKöy. Enjoy the peace and tranquility in the orange groves where the Geographic Marked Finike Orange grows and by the Limyros River. Wooden rooms have air conditioning, minibar, TV and all other details for your comfort. Famous for breakfast in the village of Finike, the restaurant serves regional cuisine as well as international cuisine, while watching the beautiful views of the village. There is also a natural pool that allows you to safely enter the fresh water called Gokcay, which is known as Fertile Limyros River.There are different spots to visit in and around Finike every season. The ancient city of Limyra is surrounded by gardens and Myra, Arykanda and Rhodiapolis are half an hour away. Gokbuk Canyon, Karaoz, Gelidonya Lighthouse, Adrasan and Suluada, Kekova and Kalekoy, Alacadag National Park, Elmali and so on. one hour away.Beyond offering a comfortable rest and tranquility holiday, TurkuazKöy shares all the natural beauties of Finike with you from orange to olive and from bays to history. However, they bring the citrus products harvested for 12 months to your door with special discounts and opportunities for the guests staying in the hotel. If you wish harvest, care, jam making and so on. activities.


Club Bördübet has a wild, extraordinary air that is reminiscent of the forests. It is on the banks of the creek that connects the sea from the forest. You can reach the beach with a pleasant and unique experience by walking under the trees or rowing with canoes from the creek. The wood under the pine trees, the ardo Vardo ”gypsy carts, is far from the classic hotel concept. Specially designed accommodation units are covered with glass, so that you can fall asleep watching the stars. New accommodation units “Boutique Vans, with glass ceilings. Both the terraces overlooking the pool and the size make the “stone rooms” attractive for crowded families. Tours in the surrounding area, strolling in the bays with your canoe, swimming breaks, open-air cinema under the centuries-old pine trees in the forest, watching the sunset with drinks and music from the hill overlooking Seven Islands is quite enjoyable. “Glamping” the representative of the trends in the Turkey Club on , he longed for the taste of food. Apart from the usual holiday concept, it can be connected to in a few days without giving up the comfort you are looking for; You can wake up the lam glamper deki within you.


How does it sound to stay in pine forests in log houses imported from Finland?From the terrace of the spacious, air-conditioned high ceilings and modern bungalows, where you will find comfort in your home, it is normal to watch the stunning views of the surrounding nature.Ecological village hotel; sports activities include sea kayaking, mountain biking, tours with ATV, walking on the ancient Lycian way. You can also attend yoga classes every morning and afternoon during your stay.The restaurant of the ecological village serves Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients from the surrounding organic farming gardens. In the vitamin bar, they offer fresh fruit and vegetable juices for detox.

9- Bördübet

According to The Sunday Times, Golden Key Bordubet, which is shown among the 100 100 Most Popular Hotels in Europe 27, is located at a point where the creek and sea intersect in Bordubet, one of the unique bays of the Gulf of Gokova, 27 kilometers from Marmaris. Bördübet offers 16 Deluxe Rooms, 10 Family Rooms, 1 Romantic House, 1 Boathouse, 1 Garden House and 1 Corner House. Vegetables, fruits and local herbs collected from the organic garden provide your body with the care it deserves. Overlooking the 19 bays, is the summit of the island’s Gökova 360, where you can enjoy a special drink selected from the hotel’s cellar. The peace of being alone with you in this unique environment spreads your whole body and brings your soul to the pinnacle of serenity.


A hidden place … A sound that nature sings as freely as possible, echoing the soul of the listener …With a fragrance that carries the beauty of Baba Mountains in the breeze, a taste in which ruby ​​and shiraz are poured into the Mediterranean flavors …It is a visual feast where green and blue, rocks and waves dance and those who are not from here are always missing.For this reason, Perdue is not a hotel, but a sound, a smell, a taste, a warm hug, apart from the idea of ​​a classic boutique hotel. .

When was the last time you stepped into the ground and took a deep breath, Or woke up in your comfy bed but in the middle of nature with the sounds of birds.When was the last time you got up in the morning, you washed your face in the sea, Or you cut the tomato for breakfast, So much of nature but comfort in the lap of blue and green so harmonious and natural?Or did you listen to your favorite voice in a Mediterranean song?Have you ever seen the sun disappear in such a vast, vast sea?Here is Perdue, a film set for you to re-create and create these moments, a fairy-tale world that invites you to be a director, actor and producer.

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